Sunbird FX Review

On Nov 1, 2015

Sunbird FX is an online brokerage firm that was founded in 2005 as Sunbird Trading Limited. It changed its name slightly to Sunbird FX in 2010 when it opened its online trading platform.
Sunbird FX review
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  • SunbirdFX review
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  • Age: Established in 2005
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  • Sunbird FX is an online brokerage firm that was founded in 2005 as Sunbird Trading Limited. It changed its name slightly to Sunbird FX in 2010 when it opened its online trading platform.



About Sunbird FX

I started using Sunbird FX three years ago after I got tired of using a different online brokerage that wasn't coming through with its promises. I did a lot of research before funding my account. I was satisfied that Sunbird FX had the tools I needed to make money and learn new skills. 

I would recommend using Sunbird FX. If you're reviewing your options, I think it is definitely worth looking at. 

Top Features of Sunbird FX

There are a lot of features that make Sunbird FX a useful brokerage for me. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will want the same features that I find so useful. I'll go through some of my favorite features below to help you decide whether you want to open your own account.

Welcome Bonus

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

Sunbird FX gives you a welcome bonus up to 50% of your initial deposit.

That's a great deal whether you are brand new to online trading or you have years of experience.

It's free money, so you might as well get as much as you can.

I ended up getting a few thousand dollars from my first deposit. It's gone a long way!

Trading Platforms

Sunbird FX gives you several trading platforms to choose from. The Standard MT4 and MT5 are obviously the most popular options. A lot of companies use these trading platforms. If you already have some experience working with another brokerage, you can make the transition to Sunbird FX easily. Keep in mind that these platforms require a download. If you don't download the software, you can't use the platforms.

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If you prefer using a Web-based trading platform, then you will want to take advantage of Webtrader. You don't need to download anything to use it. As long as you have a computer with Internet access, you can make trades. I tend to make trades from several computers, so this is one of my favorite options. 

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

Sunbird FX also has a mobile trading platform that is great for smartphones and tablets. I probably access my account a little less often from my smartphone than a computer. If you like to trade during your downtime, this is a good option. You can use the same features that you get from the other trading platforms. It's just a more convenient option for people who love using their mobile devices.

Education Center

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

Sunbird FX's Education Center has a lot of resources that will make you a better trader. Whether you're just getting started or you have been trading for years, the Education Center will teach you something new.

Some of the resources available through the Education Center include:

  • Metatrader tutorials
  • Forex eBook
  • Advanced eBook
  • Trading strategies

It also features a long list of videos that give you step by step instructions. I'm a really visual learner, so I've spent most of my time watching the videos. They're easy to understand and follow. 

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

Traded Assets

It's important to know about the assets you're trading on any platform.

Sunbird FX lets you trade gold, silver, oil, and CFDs.

Those are options that I was interested in, so it made sense for me to use Sunbird FX.

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Sunbird FX Prices

Sunbird FX has five account options for traders. Although you don't have to pay to use Sunbird FX, you do need to meet minimum deposits for the type of account you want. Here are your account options and the amount of money you need to contribute before you can start trading with Sunbird FX.

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

  • Standard account: $1,000 to $5,000
  • Pro account: $5,000 to $15,000
  • Managed account: At least $30,000
  • VIP account: $15,000 or more
  • Islamic account: $1,000 or more

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

Criticisms of Sunbird FX

I've had a very positive experience using Sunbird FX. I had a few years experience before opening my account, though, so it's possible that I knew more than the average trader. 

There are some criticism of Sunbird FX that I think need to be addressed. The complaints, however, are more about customer service than anything else, so I'll address them below.

Customer Support for Sunbird FX

If you need to contact Sunbird FX, you can call the customer service center 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. You can also send a message through the company's website. It is unlikely that you will get an immediate reply, but a representative will return your message shortly.

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

I have only had to contact Sunbird FX once. For some reason, my withdrawal got held up and wasn't showing in my bank account. I was worried something had gone seriously wrong. Perhaps someone had broken into my account? There was a lot of money in the account, so I was very concerned that I wouldn't have access to it.

A rep named Yosef called me back later that afternoon. Somehow my account information had been altered. I don't know how that happened since it was the same number I used to fund my Sunbird FX account. Regardless, Yosef had tracked down the problem before calling me back. He saw that one of the numbers was different and figured a mistake had been made. Who knows how that happened. He changed the information and my money arrived within a day. That was a huge relief.

While my experience was positive, I have read a few complaints online. It seems that some people don't feel that Sunbird FX responds to questions and requests fast enough. I admit that I was anxious during the few hours that I had to wait. My rep was tracking down the problem during that time. I do wish he had called just to ease my mind, but it all ended up ok. 

I'm not sure what to make of reports that Sunbird FX doesn't take care of its members. I've been using them for a few years now and I only had that one problem. Still, I don't want to dismiss what other people say. Perhaps I just got lucky and ended up talking to one of the best customer service reps at the company. Maybe they just got unlucky and ended up talking to a dud.

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FAQ About Sunbird FX

Q: What currencies does Sunbird FX use?
A: You can choose to view your account in USD or Euro. The actual amount of money in your account does not change, but choosing the currency you are most familiar with can make it easier to determine how much money you have.

Q: How long does it take to withdraw earnings from a Sunbird FX account?
A: The amount of time that it takes to receive money from your account depends on your withdrawal method. Having money transferred directly into your checking account is often the quickest option. Sunbird FX will initiate the transfer within a business day, but it may take a couple days for the funds to appear in your bank.

Q: What payment options does Sunbird FX support?
A: Members can fund their accounts in a variety of ways. Some of the most popular options include major credit cards and debit cards, wire transfers, CashU, WebMoney, and Neteller. 

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services

Q: Can U.S. citizens open Sunbird FX accounts?
A: People living in the United States are prevented from opening accounts with Sunbird FX and most online brokerages. With that said, I have accessed my account while traveling for work in the United States. I used a VPN to trick the website into thinking I was back at home. I don't know if that's an illegal thing to do in the U.S. or not. You should check your local laws if you aren't sure whether you can legally open an account with Sunbird FX.

Q: Who provides liquidity for Sunbird FX?
A: Sunbird FX's liquidity providers include some of world's most important financial institutions, including Barclays, UBS, HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. With these companies backing Sunbird FX, you know that you can always access your money.

Pros of Using Sunbird FX

Cons of Using Sunbird FX

  • Affordable minimum deposits
  • Islamic accounts available
  • Diverse trading platforms  
  • Education Center with plenty of tutorials  
  • Opportunities to earn bonus money 
  • Some members complain about lackluster customer service
  • Does not accept clients from the United States

Sunbird FX - Online forex trading and investment services


People obviously have their own reasons for choosing the online brokerages that they like best. For me, it was most important to find a company with a good education center, convenient trading platform, and good bonuses. I got all of those things from Sunbird FX.

It's possible that you are looking for a trader that offers a different set of features. If that's the case, then I guess Sunbird FX isn't right for you. That's ok. There are plenty of options. For me, though, Sunbird FX has been a fun way to earn money

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