Forex Broker Reviews

RoboForex Review

The award-winning RoboForex is an attractive brokerage due to their vast array of options, supporting any skill level trader and their peculiar styles. The number licensed trading platforms surpass most other firms as do [...] Read More

Think Forex Review

Within a short time, Think Forex has developed into one of the most useful online Forex brokers. There is a lot of competition in the online trading industry, but Think Forex has always found ways to stay in the lead. Editor [...] Read More

Pepperstone Review

Pepperstone is a relatively new online brokerage, but it has gained exceptional popularity. According to the company's figures, it has an annual customer growth rate of about 20%. It also claims that its Forex transactions [...] Read More

Mayzus Review

Mayzus has a reputation as a fair broker that helps its clients find effective ways to boost revenues. The company has also earned accolades for its strong customer services. Beginning traders may need to take advantage of [...] Read More

MasterForex Review

Using MFX Broker’s will delight beginners and intermediates hoping to hone in their forex game. With the lowest barrier to entry in the market and countless educational materials within the company and [...] Read More

LMax Review

By the sole fact that LMax takes on institutional and interbank clientele as well as individual professionals, we can be assured that their infrastructure in terms of software, hardware, and staffing is more than sufficient [...] Read More

ICMarkets Review

As one of the earliest forex brokerage firms, brought high volume and value trading to retail clients that previously only accessible to banks and extremely wealthy individuals. While beginners and intermediates [...] Read More

ForexBrokerInc Review

For a company whose dealings operate on an international scale, it comes as no surprise that is a worldwide brand. The company was incorporated in 2011 in the Marshall Islands while the payment processing [...] Read More