Admiral Markets Review

On Apr 26, 2018

If you are looking for a new trading partner, Admiral Markets is a fantastic choice, especially if you are interested in trading forex and CFDs.
Admiralmarkets review
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  • Admiralmarkets review
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  • If you are looking for a new trading partner, Admiral Markets is a fantastic choice, especially if you are interested in trading forex and CFDs.



Trading is more accessible than ever before. No longer is it only the elite that has access to playing the markets, including forex, commodities, bonds, and cryptocurrency. When you trade, you need to use software, a trading partner and investment services. Admiral Markets combines all of these services and more into a single company, giving you a simple and easy method to put your money into the financial markets.

About Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets was founded in 2001 as the Admiral Markets Group which offers a wide variety of services and products across the world through its regulated trading companies. Perhaps most famously, Admiral Markets is a provider of highly-functional software that allows you to trade online.

In recent years they’ve also expanded to offer education on investment and other financial topics, helping them to gain market recognition but also to encourage their customers to succeed. Through Admiral Markets you can execute trades, track prices and research new opportunities for you to make investments.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

The company is registered in the UK and Estonia, through the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority respectively. These conduct authorities ensure that the company is operating according to the local laws, protecting you and your money from any threat.

Many customers of Admiral Markets primarily trade currencies, but they also offer a wide variety of other investment opportunities like bonds, crypto, commodities, and options. Depending on your sophistication you might prefer one over another, and you can always consult their education area for more information.

Admiral Markets is, in essence, a full-brokerage service, giving you software, education and the ability to execute a plethora of different trades. For this reason, they are particularly popular with beginners and intermediate traders because they make it simple for you to enter the game.

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What Makes Admiral Markets so Great?

With so many different trading platforms and partners to choose from, you might be asking yourself why you should choose Admiral Markets? The reason why they are such a great company is that they have some of the most innovative software, they execute orders quickly, and they don't charge exorbitant fees on trades.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

For the average amateur or semi-professional trader, Admiral Markets allows you to get into investing with few barriers to entry while guiding you with their educational content and intuitive software.

While for the professional trader, their advanced software platforms give you all of the analytics and data that you need to trade complex options and bonds at speed.

Daily Expert Trading Tips

For those that are relatively new to trading, the expert tips that Admiral Markets gives through their podcast, videos and training articles is invaluable. These tips can turn beginners into intermediate traders very quickly, allowing them to make more informed decisions and to invest in more sophisticated investments.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

Most trading platforms and partners offer you a product or service, and you are left to figure out the rest by yourself. Admiral Markets take a different approach, treating you like a teammate that they want to guide towards success. After all, the more trades you conduct, the more money they make, so it’s in their interest to help you to succeed.

These expert trading tips are brought to you daily by their team of sophisticated investors, including founding members of the team. The tips aren’t just insights into specific investments which might be profitable; they talk about unique trading techniques and analytical approaches which can give you more data about any trade, allowing you to make better decisions.

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Cryptocurrency CFDs

Crypto CFDs are one of the fastest growing investment types in recent decades, blowing up seemingly out of nowhere. If you want to get in on the crypto buzz without going through the pain of physically purchase different coins, trading a CFD is the ideal solution.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

Admiral Markets is one of the few companies which will give you the ability to trade cryptocurrency CFDs using such a sophisticated software. They trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and a variety of other popular coins.

Through Admiral Markets you can enjoy up to a 1:5 leverage, with a minimum lot size of 0.1 and the ability to trade long and short. Compared to the alternative methods of investing in crypto via purchasing coins, Admiral Markets is incredibly simple and quick.

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Rapid Order Execution

Being able to execute an order rapidly is vital, especially when you are trading forex because the price is incredibly volatile. Through Admiral Markets you can execute trades in milliseconds because their servers are in optimal locations. Up to 90% of orders execute within 90 milliseconds.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

When you are tracking a currency very closely, particularly if you are day trading a specific currency pair, executing is the difference between a loss and a profit. Choosing an inferior software or trading partner could cost you dearly in the future, while Admiral Markets with its quick execution can help you to make more profit.

Low Minimum Deposit

Another great benefit of using Admiral Markets is their low deposit minimum. For trading forex, crypto, bonds, and commodities you only need to deposit 200 EUR. Compared to many other equivalent software and trading partners, this is relatively low. Some require much larger deposits, which can prevent amateurs from entering into the markets.

If you are new to trading and want to test the waters with a smaller deposit, your options become more limited. Admiral Markets gives you the ability to trade complex instruments with a relatively small deposit minimum and a selection of advanced software, making it the best option for new traders.

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Wide Variety of Products

Although some of the biggest names in the industry offer a huge variety of products, the majority limit you to perhaps one or two different products. Very rarely do you have the ability to trade forex, stocks, indices, commodities, bonds, and cryptocurrency through a single trading partner using only one piece of software.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

Admiral Markets makes your life easier, opening you up to more investment opportunities so that you can broaden your horizon and take advantage of a wide range of markets and chances. One day you might see potential in EUR/USD, while the next you want to short oil and bet big on Apple stock. With Admiral Markets you can do that all in a single software, in just seconds.

Innovative Trading Platforms

The trading platform and software that you use is inexplicably related to your success. Technically, you could make money looking through stocks with a pen and paper, Warren Buffett did it, but having technology on your side makes the process easier and helps you to act quickly and to spot opportunities.

There are four different trading platforms available for you, depending on what you need, what you trade and how advanced you are. The first is MetaTrader 4, which is a slightly older but very user-friendly platform for trading forex and CFDs.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

It’s newer alternative, MetaTrader 5, is slightly more advanced, with more data and analytical tools so that you can get an edge when trading currencies and CFDs.

MetaTrade Supreme is the next step up. It’s an intuitive platform that gives you unprecedented information, analytics, and tools to help you to trade forex and CFDs. It has a built-in trade terminal so that you can manage your account and real-time news directly integrated.

Finally, you can trade on the go using the MetaTrader WebTrader. While not as advanced as the downloadable software, it lets you trade from a laptop anywhere in the world at a seconds notice.

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Admiral Markets Prices

The price for trading via Admiral Markets is dependent on what you are trading, how much of it and whether you surpass their minimum commission or not. Rather than charging a flat fee, you are charged a commission on executed trades.

This commission model is standard across the industry and the prices that Admiral Markets charge seems to be roughly in line with their competitors. They aren’t the cheapest out there, that’s for sure, but they have advanced software, and the higher commission rate is offset by the education and software that they offer.

Admiral Markets - Online Forex Trading Broker

Criticism of Admiral Markets

There are only two complaints that we came across more than once. The first is that customer support is limited to an account manager, which can make it difficult to get a rapid response because customer support is offered by an individual rather than a shared team.

If you are facing a serious issue when you are trying to trade, this can be infuriating and could lead to you losing money.

The second problem is that their latest software, MetaTrader 5, only offers a narrow range of financial instruments. For this reason, many customers choose just to trade using their older and dated software, MetaTrader 

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Admiral Markets is a reputable trading partner that is heavily regulated in two significant jurisdictions, meaning that they are safe to trade with. They have a wide range of research and trading tools, a robust educational section and a good customer support team.

Admiral Markets software is some of the most popular in the world and for a good reason. If you are looking for a new trading partner, Admiral Markets is a fantastic choice, especially if you are interested in trading forex and CFDs.

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