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For those looking to trade stocks there are a plethora of outlets on the Internet that can help one achieve this feat. With so many options out there it can make selecting the right binary trading platform a little challenging. is one such trading platform that allows investors to trade:
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  • For those looking to trade stocks there are a plethora of outlets on the Internet that can help one achieve this feat.  With so many options out there it can make selecting the right binary trading platform a little challenging. is one such trading platform that allows investors to trade:‚Äč

    - Stocks                         - Commodities                      - Currencies                  - And More




An award-winning financial broker trading system, is based out of the Isle of Man and Malta and is owned and operated by the regent Markets Group that has extensive business interests in the Asian Pacific region.  The site’s simple interface caters to both the needs of beginner and advanced traders.  Launched in 2009, it was one of the first binary options platforms and since its launch it has moved full force and entrenched its name in the binary options industry. - Online binary options Trading platform

Many traders use the platform because of the low deposit requirements that requires of its users.  The system only requires $5 or equivalent amount in your respective currency to start trading and offers various banking methods for deposits and withdrawal. Its increasing popularity is due to the many unique features besides the classic ones, offered in a safe and low-risk trading environment for achieving profits. gives traders the opportunity to trade all major assets, as well as the flexible possibility to choose your own strike on each investment, considering the payouts, which are highly appealing.

The multi award-winning platform it offers is just the beginning; customers will benefit from first-class client service, exclusive trading patents and the security of segregated client funds held in secure AAA-rated banks.

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Top Features of

At first glance, one can see that the trading platform offered by is quite unlike all the other binary platforms that are popping up on the Internet. First of all, the interface is deceptively simple. All the basic functionalities are there. There is actually really nothing extraordinary with’s platform until you scroll further down.  This is where things get interesting and one is able to see a different picture entirely since this is where the graphs and charts are housed. The trading platform offered by is indeed unusual, but in a very pleasant way. The thing that strikes the clients the most is the beautifully designed charting features which is really able to separate from the rest of the pack. These charts can help you anticipate profitable trades before they happen, spot trends, and much more.  Some of the key charts that provides traders with include: line charts, interactive charts, pop-up charts and legacy charts.

In addition, traders have the option to obtain the list of daily prices and intraday prices from the tabs located just below the main trading platform. The prices displayed are quite detailed and even show the percentage change on the right side of the price quotes. - Online binary options Trading platform

Whatever your strategy of the markets may be, provides you with a selection of trades to help you make a profit. Choose from the ‘Rise/Fall Trade’ which lets you profit from the market rising or falling, the ‘Higher/Lower Trade’ which lets you profit from the market ending higher or lower than a target price, or the ‘Touch/No Touch Trade’ which lets you profit from the market touching or not touching a target price.

The payout ratios on are also quite generous.  These payouts vary from around 60% to 110% depending on the contract types. In the interface, the exact payout can be seen towards the right side of the trading platform. Traders should be aware that the ratio changes constantly according to the market fluctuation, but this is the case no matter the platform one is using.

Using the platform provides users with the best pricing technology, giving one access to similar rates of return as investors trading in the interbank market. This is a great chance to make more money, in a simpler way. In addition to that the company allows you to control your trading risk, so a trader will know from the beginning what you would win or lose.

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One great thing about is the fact that they let potential clients try out their platform with a demo account with $10,000 virtual money. This is not something you find often with other binary brokers. Most other brokers will require that you place a deposit first before they let you access their trading platform. Once a trader decided that he wants to open a live trading account with, all he has to do is to fill up the registration form and place a very small minimum initial deposit of $5. - Online binary options Trading platform

In addition, a much appreciated service that offers in terms of depositing and withdrawing is the possibility to hire a payment agent. This agent can take care of all the deposits and withdrawals of a client if he or she prefers methods that are not supported by the company.

Criticism Of - Online binary options Trading platform

There’s not much criticism of in the overall binary trading marketplace. As one of the first online binary platforms on the market, there is much good to be said about the system. It offers a plethora of easy to use services and has proven successful for both beginner and advanced traders. The main negatives about the service are that it does not currently accept USA traders which likely has something to do with the fact that the service started in and still operates out of the Isle of Man and Malta. Also, there is currently no mobile trading platform which can be a bummer for a binary trader who is looking to keep up with their portfolio even while on the go. This is likely a feature that will be coming shortly as mobile devices continue to strengthen in popularity.

Customer Support - Online binary options Trading platform provides customer support 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. While the site currently does not have a live chat function, it recommends that traders get in touch via e-mail or telephone and as such has a section on the site dedicated to both of these. In addition, the site also includes a frequently asked questions section, which can be beneficial for traders who may have questions that are more common. The site prides itself on getting back to users within a timely manner and assures that people will receive a message or a call back within 24 hours from when the initial inquiry or request is put into the system. Since the service is primarily available in Europe and Asia, these are the only help numbers that are currently available.


With over $1billion in trades to date, is the best-kept secret in the binary options world. The essential thing to consider when talking about is that it has a long history. Therefore, it has a detailed vision about traders and knows what it most important to them and tries to provide them those things. Besides, the fact that they have been around for such a long period of time in this branch of businesses makes traders more confident in choosing them. 

The payouts are probably the highest, and there are more features than any other competing binary trading platform. Not only that, but the platform has quite the extensive list of assets and a good variety of trade types to choose from. This platform is especially friendly to beginner traders due to the $5 minimum deposit to open an account not to mention the free demo account with $10,000 of virtual money. It is also a strong plus that the system provides their customers with plenty of live charts and tools to assist in making the best possible decisions.
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