Think Forex Review

On Dec 19, 2014

Within a short time, Think Forex has developed into one of the most useful online Forex brokers. There is a lot of competition in the online trading industry, but Think Forex has always found ways to stay in the lead.
ThinkForex review
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  • ThinkForex review
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  • Within a short time, Think Forex has developed into one of the most useful online Forex brokers. There is a lot of competition in the online trading industry, but Think Forex has always found ways to stay in the lead.



Improvements in Internet technology has made it possible for all types of people to trade online. The Forex market has become an important source of income for many investors. Precious metals and commodities markets offer similar opportunities for people to profit from their investments.

Hundreds of online brokerages claim to offer top services. A few of them excel at giving their customers access to reliable trading platforms and the educational materials they need to make informed decisions. - Forex Trading Brokers, Online FX & CFD Trading Company

Each investor has his or her own interests, so no online brokerage could meet the needs of everyone. There probably are a few brokerages that match your unique needs, though. Before you choose to open an account, always compare several options to make sure you choose a company you trust to execute your trades securely and on time so you get the financial returns you deserve.

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Introduction to Think Forex

Think Forex began in 2010 as a New Zealand-based company dedicated to using the latest technology to give Forex traders a better experience. In 2012, the company launched TFXVPS, an expanded service that used virtual private servers to improve speed and reduce latency. Later in 2012, Think Forex moved its headquarters to Australia, where it could take advantage of improved security offered by ASIC Regulations.

Think Forex continued to grow and release new features such as cPortal, a secure client portal that improves account management and other services; cManager, a web-based system that gives fund managers access to useful tools and services.

During 2012, Think Forex won several awards, including:

  • Best New Broker & Best Broker Australia
  • Best Customer Service
  • Fastest Growing Forex Broker

In 2013, Think Forex launched CFD Trading to give traders access to more markets, and a cTrader Platform addition needed to support the increased number of members.

Within a short time, Think Forex has developed into one of the most useful online Forex brokers. There is a lot of competition in the online trading industry, but Think Forex has always found ways to stay in the lead.

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Think Forex Services

Think Forex offers three account options to meet the needs of diverse traders.

Standard Accounts

Standard accounts from Think Forex require a $250 minimum deposit.

Noteworthy features of this account include:

  • Daily market analyses
  • Leverage up to 500:1
  • No additional commission
  • 24-hour customer support

Pro Accounts

Pro Accounts have some extra features that can benefit traders.

In return, members must deposit at least $2,000 in their accounts.

Pro Account features include those from the Standard Account and $3 each way commissions for each standard lot.


VIP Accounts

VIP Accounts require a $25,000 minimum deposit. The account comes with some exceptional features, including:

  • Direct access to your own account manager to help you make informed decisions
  • Access to Think Forex's in-house analysts
  • Negotiable rates for commissions, swap rates, and spreads

Potential investors should consider how much they can afford to deposit. That amount will determine which level of services you receive. - Forex Trading Brokers, Online FX & CFD Trading Company

Demo Accounts

Beginning traders who want to get familiar with Think Forex's system can open demo accounts that don't require any real money investment. The demo account offers $50,000 of credit. Using this money helps traders develop their skills without risking any money. It's also a good way for prospective members to try Think Forex without any commitments. - Forex Trading Brokers, Online FX & CFD Trading Company

Think Forex Features

Think Forex offers several features to help members make the right investment decisions.


A social trading platform that lets members connect with each other.



Software that mines data to discover key price levels and other technical factors that could affect your investment choices.


Trade Calendar

A calendar that keeps track of economic events all over the world.


Think Forex Newsroom

A frequently updated list of headlines, Twitter posts, and other events that might affect your investment choices.


FX University

A collection of lessons in text format. Each topic covers information that beginners should know before trading online. As students move through lessons, they get bigger challenges so they can test their skills without losing money.


Trading Guides

A collection of guides beginning and advanced trainers can use to improve their understanding of markets.

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Comparing Think Forex With Competitors

Few companies offer the strong customer services as Think Forex. Think Forex also stands out for its diverse trading platforms and intensive educational materials. There are other companies that offer similar features, but they rarely meet the needs of beginning, intermediate, and advanced traders as well as Think Forex's FX University. - Forex Trading Brokers, Online FX & CFD Trading Company

Think Forex has a below average minimal deposit that should make it attractive to beginners. This could pose a problem for advanced users, but Think Forex avoids that problem by offering more services to members with large account balances.

There are other companies that match Think Forex on quality, but they are rare.

Think Forex Customer Service

Think Forex offers some of the best customer services of any online brokerage. The company makes it easy for members to get the support they need. Options include:

  • Online Live Chat
  • Submitting support requests online
  • Email
  • Telephone - Forex Trading Brokers, Online FX & CFD Trading Company

Like most brokerages, Think Forex does not have a 24-7 customer service hotline. It does, however, offer support every hour that the market is open. The website offers a FAQ that can assist members outside of market hours.

Think Forex also helps members succeed by giving them access to training materials at FX University. Each lesson explains an aspect of trading that can help members make informed decisions from news and analytic tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Think Forex

[+] What operating system do I need to run Think Forex's trading platform? - Forex Trading Brokers, Online FX & CFD Trading Company

You can access the trading platform from a device running practically any operating system.

Think Forex has platforms compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad devices. Since members can also use the Web-based platform, they can use their accounts from any Web browser.

[+] What funding methods does Think Forex accept?

Think Forex accepts most funding methods, including:

  • Major credit cards

  • Wire transfers

  • Major debit cards

  • Netbanx

  • Neteller

  • WebMoney

  • UnionPay



[+] Does Think Forex offer any bonuses or rewards?

While many online brokers do, Think Forex does not offer any bonuses or rewards.

[+] What trading platforms can Think Forex members use?

Think Forex uses MetaTrader 4 (MT4), cTrader, and apps for Android and iPhone devices. - Forex Trading Brokers, Online FX & CFD Trading Company

[+] What markets do Think Forex members get to access?

Think Forex gives members access to Forex trading, CFD trading, and metals trading.

Pros of Using Think Forex

  • Offers a wide range of reliable trading platforms
  • Has low spreads
  • Affordable minimum deposit on Standard Account
  • Complimentary access to FX University's training materials
  • Good reputation and regulated by ASIC

Cons of Using Think Forex

  • Doesn't accept clients in the United States
  • Doesn't offer any signup or deposit bonuses

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Think Forex is one of the most successful online Forex brokers for several good reasons. The company gets excellent customer service reviews. It offers a wealth of educational features that help members make informed investment decisions. It uses a stable system that lets members take control of their investments.

There are plenty of good Forex brokers. Think Forex stands out as one of the best. Keep Think Forex on your shortlist of brokers. It's always smart to compare several options before opening a new account. Before you make that final decision, consider what Think Forex offers. There is a good chance it fits your needs.

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