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FTrade is a company that focuses on online binary options trading. The website went live in 2014, shortly after the company was founded. Today, it has about 100 employees working in offices around the world.
FTrade review
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  • FTrade is a company that focuses on online binary options trading. The website went live in 2014, shortly after the company was founded. Today, it has about 100 employees working in offices around the world.



Top Features of FTrade

FTrade isn’t the only binary trader that I use, but it is one of my favorites. I’ve broken down some of my top features so you can decide whether FTrade is a good option for you.


Learning Center

It has been my experience that education is the difference between making and losing money in binary trading. When I first started, I was terrible. I couldn’t make a right call to save my life (or my money, apparently). Eventually, I found a site that offered extensive educational materials. I started taking things more seriously, buckled down, and studied those materials until I knew how to make smarter choices.

FTrade isn’t the website that introduced me to smarter trading, but it has similar materials that I think can benefit traders of all experience levels. If you are just getting started, there are plenty of videos and tutorials that are essential for success. Even if you have been trading for years, there are probably a few strategies that you haven’t heard of. There’s a good chance that those strategies are in FTrade’s Learning Center.

FTrade - Online Binary options trading platform

If you really are an absolute beginner, you will probably want to start with FTrade’s Dictionary and its First Steps in Understanding Binary Options. They will give you the foundation and vocabulary that you need to make sense of binary trading. With enough practice, I bet you can even start making more money. It took me a while, too. Now, I expect to earn money every month.

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The Corporate Account

FTrade’s basic services are fine. I’d put them up against the services offered by any other binary options trading platform. After some time using the site, though, I started to want a little more. That’s when I opened a Corporate Account.

The Corporate Account gives you pretty much the same resources and services that other accounts get. They’re just a tad better.

By starting a Corporate Account, I had access to information and withdrawals sooner that I previously had. I also got access to monthly reports that helped me learn more about trading strategies and industry news. Just having one more educational resource was good enough for me. Faster withdrawals certainly don’t hurt, either, though.

FTrade - Online Binary options trading platform

Opportunities for Bonuses

FTrade has given me several opportunities to earn bonus money. The bonus promotions, however, vary a little bit. It seems like the company keeps the same promotion for several months, but I don’t know whether they follow a schedule or anything.

FTrade - Online Binary options trading platform

When I first opened my account, FTrade matched my deposit. That was pretty awesome because it suddenly meant that I had $1,000 instead of $500. Hey, I’d already made money and I hadn’t even done anything yet!

I’ve also been given options since then to earn deposit bonuses. Sometimes FTrade matches the deposits dollar for dollar. I think there was at least one time, though, when they matched 50% of my deposit. 

Whether it’s 100%, 50%, or even 10%, free money is always a good thing. Not surprisingly, it’s one of my favorite features.

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Security is a very serious issue in binary trading. When you have private information going between you and your account, you want to make sure that no one else can access it. As we all know, there are hackers out there who are talented at getting the information they need to steal identities and make fraudulent charges.

I do not want anyone ruining my credit history, so I did a lot of research before opening my FTrade account. I do that for every financial account I start. If you aren’t doing this, I recommend that you start immediately. Your online security is priceless.

FTrade has several features that give me peace of mind. Some of the security measures are pretty straightforward. The website, for instance, uses SSL encryption. This won’t stop a serious hacker from taking your info, but it will prevent eavesdroppers from grabbing your data from the air.

FTrade - Online Binary options trading platform

FTrade also follows strict protocol to make sure you are who you say you are. When you open your account, you will need to provide:

  • A valid photo ID (like a passport or a driver’s license)
  • A copy of your utility bill with your address on it
  • A copy of the credit card that you are using to start your account

If you’re smart, that credit card bit turned on an alarm in your head. Don’t worry, FTrade even takes precautions to make sure this is done safely. When you submit a picture of your credit card, you are supposed to cover all impertinent information. That way, FTrade gets the information it needs to verify your identity, and you get to keep your other information private. 

FTrade Prices

FTrade - Online Binary options trading platform

Like most binary trading companies, you don’t have to pay FTrade to use their services. The company makes money by collecting unsuccessful investments. So, if you invest $25 in a binary option that doesn’t end in your favor, FTrade keeps it. 

In some ways, this is like going to a casino. The difference is that binary trading requires a lot more skill than trying to guess a number or throw some dice. It’s more like poker in that you have to study and hone your skills. Over time, you get better at it.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s ok if you don’t make a lot of money at first. Binary trading takes some getting used to. Count those early losses as learning opportunities. If you think of it in that way, you will eventually get good enough that you can recoup the money you lost during your first few trades. After a little bit longer, there’s a good chance that you will even start making money. Unfortunately, it seems like most people get frustrated and quit before they ever come close to learning the skills they need to succeed.

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Criticism of FTrade

I don’t really have anything negative to say about FTrade. I’ve had a positive experience with them. I like the trading platform and I think they have reasonable policies.

If forced to say something negative, I guess I would say that it’s unfortunate I had to get a corporate account to take advantage of every possible resource. 

That’s the closest thing I have that could be considered criticism.

FTrade Customer Support

I’ve never had any problems using FTrade, so I haven’t needed to contact customer service. I can tell you that the company uses Live Chat, though, because it is a fairly prominent feature on the website.

FTrade - Online Binary options trading platform

If you consider education as a kind of customer support, then I would have to give FTrade a very high ranking. Their educational materials have helped me learn a lot about binary trading. I’ve not only started making more money at FTrade, but on other platforms that I use.

FAQ About FTrade

Q: What’s the smallest trade I can make?
A: $25 is the minimum investment for binary options.

Q: Is there a maximum investment I can make with FTrade?
A: Yes. The maximum investment you can make on any trade is $2,500.

Q: What is the minimum deposit for opening an FTrade account?
A: You will need to deposit at least $200 to start an account with FTrade.

Q: What funding options does FTrade accept?
A: FTrade accepts funds from a wide range of sources. In addition to major credit cards and wire transfers, you can fund your account with WebMoney, Neosurf, and several other web-based accounts.

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Pros of Using FTrade

Cons of Using FTrade​

  • No downloads are required
  • Low deposit requirement
  • Accepts wide range of funding sources
  • Strong security features
  • Web-based platform 
  • Good returns
  • You’ll need a corporate account for the best services


FTrade - Online Binary options trading platform

I don’t want to paint myself as an expert. I am pretty good at binary trading because I spent a lot of time learning about strategies and how I could apply them to real life scenarios. I only give you this disclaimer because everyone has their own experiences. For me, FTrade has been great. I use several binary trading platforms, and FTrade’s is easily one of my favorites. That may not be the case for you, however. It just depends on what you prefer. Assuming that you look for the same things that I look for when choosing an online binary options trader, I would have to say that you should start an FTrade account. You don’t have to put a lot of money in at first. Just hit the minimum so you can decide whether it is the right option for you. Considering the quality of FTrade’s security features and extensive educational resources, I think you will be as happy with your account as I am with mine.

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