OptionsClick Review

On Jun 3, 2015

OptionsClick.com offers investment and ancillary services. On the investment side, the business helps clients execute trade orders.
OptionsClick review
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  • OptionsClick review
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  • OptionsClick.com offers investment and ancillary services. On the investment side, the business helps clients execute trade orders. It also provides extensive information about investment opportunities. This should help clients make informed decisions that will lead to larger profits.



Binary options make it possible for investors to earn money quickly by studying markets and making informed decisions. Investors used to have to contact their brokers by phone. That method could take a lot of time, which made it difficult for clients to earn money on split-second decisions. 

Today, the Internet makes it much easier for investors to take control of their money. They don't necessarily need to contact their brokers anymore. They can use software that does much of the work for them. 

OptionsClick.com - Online binary options live trading platform

As the Internet became more robust, several companies began offering binary options and other investment opportunities. Today, there are practically too many online brokers to count. This often makes it difficult for new investors to choose companies that offer secure, reliable services. 

It's important to learn as much as you can about online brokers before you sign up for their services. With so many options, it can seem practically impossible to decide which company is right for you. The truth is that even a little research will help you separate good companies from bad ones. 

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About OptionsClick.com

OptionsClick is the online trading service offered by Lead Capital Markets, LTD. Lead Capital Markets is an investment company based in Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is also regulated by several agencies in the European Union. This helps ensure that all members receive fair services. OptionsClick opened in 2010.

OptionsClick.com - Online binary options live trading platform

Top Features of OptionsClick

OptionsClick.com offers investment and ancillary services. On the investment side, the business helps clients execute trade orders. It also provides extensive information about investment opportunities. This should help clients make informed decisions that will lead to larger profits.

On the ancillary side, OptionsClick exchanges foreign currencies, grants loans to investors who need extra cash for online transactions, and protecting the investments clients maintain in their accounts.

Some of the top features noted by regular users also include:

OptionsClick.com - Online binary options live trading platform
  • A trading academy that teaches new clients how to use OptionsClick's trading platform and how to make informed choices when placing trades
  • Video tutorials
  • VIP and custom programs that appeal to the unique interests of traders
  • A mobile app that keeps clients connected to their investments at all times, even when they are away from their computers
  • A range of trade options, such as short term, high/low, and touch trading 
  • No fees on commissions

OptionsClick.com Prices

OptionsClick does not charge commission on earnings. New members need a minimum $200 to fund their accounts.

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Criticism of OptionsClick.com

OptionsClick.com - Online binary options live trading platform

There are a few criticisms worth noting. Several users complain that the company does not accept funding through PayPal. As long as you have a major credit card, however, this is not a significant concern. 

The list of assets available is a bigger concern. OptionsClick has a shorter asset list than many of the binary options brokers that have been around longer. Hopefully the broker will add assets as it continues to grow. For the time being, members who choose OptionsClick are stuck with a relatively small number of assets that they can trade.

A few members complain that they cannot trade directly from the OptionsClick chart. At first, this is an annoyance, especially if you are used to a platform that lets you trade just by clicking on available charts. After a few sessions, though, your behavior will adjust. It would be nice if OptionsClick added this, but it's hardly a deal breaker. A few hours on the platform will start to change your bidding habits.

Customer Support From OptionsClick.com

OptionsClick users who need help can get quick responses by phone. The company has phone numbers for North America, France, and international callers. This helps users avoid high international calling prices.

OptionsClick.com - Online binary options live trading platform

Members can also use Live Chat. Live Chat support is offered in English and French.

OptionsClick has a useful FAQ section as well as a trading academy that offers video tutorials and ebooks.

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FAQs About OptionsClick

Q: How does OptionsClick ensure trader security?
A: OptionsClick use 128 bit SSL encryption that prevents eavesdroppers from stealing information. The company also has a strong vetting process. Members must prove their identities before setting up accounts. This helps prevent identity theft.

Q: Does OptionsCheck offer any bonuses?
A: Yes, the company issues bonuses for new members. Bonus funds are immediately available, so you can start trading with them as soon as you join. You cannot withdraw bonus funds, however, until you have initiated at least 50 trades.

Q: Does OptionsCheck enforce a maximum investment?
A: Yes, but the amount varies depending on your country. The maximum investment amount is typically $1,000.

Q: Is there a minimum investment?
A: Expect to spend at least $10 on a single option investment. Like maximum investments, though, this amount can vary depending on where you live.

Q: Do I have to download software to trade through OptionsClick?
A: OptionsClick has a Web-based platform for those who do not want to download software to their computers. If you plan to use a mobile device, though, you should download the appropriate app.

OptionsClick.com - Online binary options live trading platform

Q: What account funding options does OptionsClick support?
A: You can fund your account with any major credit card or debit card. OptionsClick also supports wire transfers.

Q: How do I receive profits from OptionsClick?
A: When you decide to withdraw money from your account, you can deposit the profits to a credit card or bank account via wire transfer. These are easy, secure options that will help you receive payments quuickly.

Pros of Using OptionsClick

Cons of Using OptionsClick

  • Strong customer support for traders at all levels of experience
  • Trading platform has an intuitive user interface 
  • High payout percentage 
  • Low minimum deposit ($200)
  • Includes stocks, indices, forex, and commodities
  • Fewer binary options than some other brokers
  • Doesn't accept payments via PayPal
  • Doesn't accept U.S. clients

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Final Thoughts

If you have been trading online for a while, then you probably already have some habits that help you make quick decisions. OptionsClick may not necessarily fit those existing habits. Some people only give OptionsClick a few minutes before they throw up their hands in frustration. That's probably a mistake. If your current trading platform works so well, then why are you even exploring new options? 

Learning some new habits could actually make you a better trader. You'll never know until you get out of your comfort zone. OptionsClick is a good place to test your instincts and expand your skills.

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There are some drawbacks to using OptionsClick. The company doesn't offer as many assets as some of the older, more established brokerage firms. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

Some beginners actually prefer starting with OptionsClick because it limits their choices. Sitting down to a huge list of assets can feel very intimidating. With OptionsClick, you get the chance to learn smart investment moves without getting overwhelmed. As the firm grows, your skills can grow with it.

Is OptionsClick the absolute best binary trading platform in the world? Probably not, but it's a very good one. The company is honest. It places trades on time with minimal drag and it pays out what traders deserve. Unfortunately, that's not true of every online brokerage firm.

When it comes to deciding which company is best, you will have to explore your options and make your own decision. Just because one person doesn't like OptionsClick doesn't mean it won't work well for you. In the end, what really matters is that you choose a reliable company with good technology. OptionsClick meets both of those requirements.

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