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Welcome to GlobalGT, where passion and investment come together to create a uniquely profitable experience. With a constantly changing economic environment, you need a reliable trading platform that keeps your options vast and your data secure.
GlobalGT review
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  • Welcome to GlobalGT, where passion and investment come together to create a uniquely profitable experience. With a constantly changing economic environment, you need a reliable trading platform that keeps your options vast and your data secure.

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GlobalGT is the firm that helped revolutionize the way you think about trading. They consider your preferences, experience, and resources before picking options that fit within those parameters. They can even account for your capacity or desire for risk.

With a vision to meet every trader’s needs and expectations, GlobalGT works to help you meet your goals and achieve massive financial success. GlobalGT can help you start trading and sustain your excitement with each win.

If you’re looking for a new venture or want to learn more about trading options in an increasingly technological world, GlobalGT is worth your time.

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GlobalGT was born from the idea that everyone and everything matters. Serving the next generation of traders, GlobalGT exists to help you realize your financial goals. If the trading environment doesn’t fit your needs, GlobalGT will help you work around it.

GlobalGT got its start years ago, although recent successes have propelled it into the limelight of the brokerage world. As a Forex trader, the company strives to become a leader in the industry and offer a more international scope than competitors.

Global GT review - The first hybrid FX broker

Headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa, the company operates with a new Forex broker branch that works with traders around the world who want to expand their investing opportunities. GlobalGT has the expertise to make that a reality.

The company has built a reputation over years of service for providing quality investment opportunities that traders can trust. With its most recent excursions into Forex trading, GlobalGT strives to provide clients with even more chances to grow their portfolios.

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GlobalGT has achieved incredible success with customers looking to expand their investing opportunities. One of the critical ways that GlobalGT’s success is apparent is customer reviews.

One of the critical features of GlobalGT’s success is the team’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Clients of GlobalGT appreciate the customer service that is always at the ready. With answers available to almost any question, the team at GlobalGT works tirelessly to keep clients happy.

Global GT review - The first hybrid FX broker

Another vital aspect of its success is its low minimum deposit requirements. This allows investors of all sizes to get involved and build a portfolio. For Forex traders, in particular, this is an especially appealing offer.

GlobalGT works with clients to meet their needs. Such a focus on customer satisfaction makes it easy to see why the team is one of the best.

With no transaction fees and instruments that are entirely exclusive to GlobalGT, customers keep coming back because the team knows how to satisfy them.

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Mission & Vision

The team at GlobalGT is highly dedicated to the mission and vision that sets it apart from other Forex traders in the industry.

GlobalGT’s primary mission is to provide traders freedom and flexibility with their investments. The various styles and preferences that make each trader different are meaningful ways the company accomplishes this.

Global GT review - The first hybrid FX broker

They also consider the risk tolerance of each trader and build strategies that accommodate each trader individually.

With a focus on mission fulfillment, the company lives out its vision of creating a custom-made trading environment to fit every trader’s needs. Not only does GlobalGT strive to make this environment, but it fights to sustain it and help each client reach their financial goals.

GlobalGT sets itself apart from other brokers, especially in the Forex world. They maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction that always puts the client first. Traders feel seen and heard when they work with the team at GlobalGT.

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Top Features

GlobalGT excels at providing quality services and innovative features to make trading more accessible and exciting.

GlobalGT works in multiple trading environments, including:

  • Forex
  • Precious Metals
  • Energies
  • Equity Indices
  • Stocks

Global GT review - The first hybrid FX broker

The team offers account features and instruments to get customers involved with each industry. A few of the critical features that GlobalGT utilizes include:

  • Account Comparison: Different account types are perfectly curated to match the needs of an individual trader profile.
  • Leverage: A risk management tool that reduces the amount of leverage you need, protecting your account from too much exposure.
  • Liquidity Aggregation: Technology automatically searches for the best prices available and gathers that information for the customer.
  • GTLot: A unit of measurement designed by the team to make it easier to track the trading capacity of your live account with GlobalGT.
  • VPS Sponsorship Program: An exclusive program for the most loyal clients wherein the company pays monthly costs and provides extra services for traders.
  • Deposits & Withdrawals: GlobalGT allows clients to make deposits and withdrawals from various payment kinds for convenience.

GlobalGT excels at offering exceptional features that no other trader can provide.

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Reasons to Join

There are plenty of reasons to get behind GlobalGT as your primary broker for trading in Forex, precious metals, energies, equity indices, and stocks.

The company has remained client-focused since its incarnation, from the features they offer to the customer support that’s always available. Traders feel understood and appreciated when they work with GlobalGT because they are.

Global GT review - The first hybrid FX broker

Letting someone else handle your financial assets can be a stressful experience. But the GlobalGT team makes it easy. By valuing everyone and everything, the team at GlobalGT puts your mind at ease.

Not only do they provide excellent services for their clients, but GlobalGT provides exciting incentives for new members. With a 50% welcome bonus and a 30% loyalty bonus, the company strives to make you feel valued.

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Another exciting feature that GlobalGT provides is the opportunity to partner with them, combine resources and intellect, and build working relationships. Partnerships work to encourage the success of both parties, and they ideally last a lifetime.

A few of the critical ways that GlobalGT attracts potential partners are with:

Lifetime commission plan

Multi-tier partner structure

Marketing material & Promos

Real-time reports

Flexible payouts

24/7 partner & client support

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GlobalGT works with partners to make the unique product available. They guarantee the execution of liquidity aggregation, provide fast deposit and withdrawal times, and ensure the security of every client’s funds.

As a hybrid broker, GlobalGT works with like-minded customers and companies to build a more extensive network of financial success. Treating your success as their success, they do more than simply provide trading opportunities: an environment of partnership and accountability that thrives on big wins.

GlobalGT Costs

GlobalGT offers affordable opportunities for a range of market access. If you have some experience as a trader, you will do well working with the team at GlobalGT.

As an experienced trader, you will significantly benefit from the low cost of doing business with GlobalGT.

Global GT review - The first hybrid FX broker

With no transaction fees, you make deposits and withdrawals without penalty. And with exceptional leveraging techniques, you can maximize opportunities while minimizing volatility.

Fees vary depending on the account type. The cost ranges from $5 to $250, depending on the services and account type you choose.

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GlobalGT Legal

fsca logo

The company is registered in South Africa and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). As a licensed broker, the company is considered a lower risk in fields like Forex.

Some restrictions apply to where GlobalGT may operate. These restrictions prevent the company from taking on clients in the United States, the UK, Europe, and certain parts of Asia.

Working with GlobalGT requires a legal agreement between the company and the client, ensuring that both parties are fully aware of trading regulations and the company’s limitations.

The team at GlobalGT utilizes all legal constraints to provide an extra layer of protection for clients and partners.

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GlobalGT Pros & Cons

GlobalGT operates as a broker for experienced traders looking to expand portfolios and take more significant risks in various trading environments. The company excels at what it does, with only a few exceptions.


Here are some of the best things about GlobalGT:

  • Customer service is a top priority
  • Various account types are offered
  • Low transaction and maintenance fees
  • Fully compliant with local and national regulations
  • Host to an innovative trading platform
  • Provide customers with reliability and stability
  • Tools and instruments exclusive to GlobalGT


Here are a few areas where GlobalGT could improve:

  • Not available worldwide
  • Cannot serve US and EU
  • Lack of educational tools
  • Not intuitive for novice traders

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GlobalGT is an innovative brokerage company that excels in Forex trading. Working with GlobalGT provides clients with vast opportunities for financial success. The team is well-equipped to serve a wide selection of experienced traders.

Overall, the team at GlobalGT works well with clients and provides excellent features, benefits, and security. You won’t be disappointed if you get started with GlobalGT.

Editor rating

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.